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These Colorful Square Pots are premium mate finish pots generally used as table planters for indoor plants. The Pots are well designed to be used as decorative pots for planting plants. Planting plants in these colorful square pots enhance the appearance of your plants by making them look more wonderful in your home. These Pots are also the best example of premium texture quality pot at the best affordable price range for your office or your workplace.

Product Details:

  • Pot Name:  5inch Chatura Pot
  • Package Available: Pack of 4 (Yellow, Red, Green, and Ivory Colour). ORDER YOUR CUSTOMIZED COLOUR PACKAGE (CLICK HERE)
  • Pot Type:  Table Planter
  • Material: Fiber Plastic
  • Surface finish: Mate finish with highly smooth Surface
  • Material Density: Highly dense
  • Pot Placement: Indoor and outdoor both (Sunlight Friendly)
  • Pot dimensions: L=12cm, B=12cm, H=13cm (Refer Image)
  • Number of Drainage Holes: No Holes (Need to be made by customers)

Colorful Square Pots for Plants 5 inch (Pack of 4)


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