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3inch (7.6cm diameter) Black Color Small Nursery Pot is very small in size and can only be used for Propagating, Sapling, Succulents, and for germinating seeds. These Pots can only be used in the initial growth stages of the plants and hence plants must require repotting after their initial growth period into the bigger pots. Due to their small size, the application of these pots is very concise and hence cannot be used for all sizes of plants. These Nursery pots are easy to handle, made from hard plastic, and contain premade water drainage holes. The colors of the pots may slightly vary from what is shown in the image due to the photographic effect on Image-based on the studio lighting condition.

Product Details:

  • Pot Name:  3inch Black Nursery Pot
  • Package Available: Pack of 21
  • Pot Type:  Nursery Pot
  • Material: Plastic
  • Material Density: Medium dense
  • Pot Placement: Indoor and outdoor both
  • Pot dimensions: L=8cm, B=8cm, H=8cm (Refer Image)
  • Number of Drainage Holes: 3 holes

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    3inch Black Nursery Pot for Sapling Plants (Set of 21)


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