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Nursery Pots are the most economical, toughest, and lightest pot used among all gardening professionals and home gardeners. Nursery Pots are generally designed for growing normal plants or baby plants in your garden area. More preferably if you are looking for pots that last long and are strong enough to survive in all conditions then these Nursery pots will be a great choice for you. These nursery pots are easy to handle and contain a decent number of drainage holes that help the plants to breathe well and due to good soil drainage in these pots. Plants generally grow much faster and quickly relative to other kinds of pots.

Product Details:

  • Pot Name:  8inch White Crown Nursery Pot
  • Package Available: Set of 5
  • Pot Type:  Nursery Pot
  • Material: Plastic
  • Material Density: Highly dense
  • Pot Placement: Indoor and outdoor both
  • Pot dimensions: L=20cm, B=20cm, H=16cm (Refer Image)
  • Number of Drainage Holes: 12 holes

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8 inch Nursery Planter White (Pack of 5)


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