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Self-watering hanging Pots are designed for the effortless and easy way of watering plants. These are beautiful-looking pots that help your plants survive longer with lesser water demands. These pots store water at the base reservoir and provide the required amount of water to the plants by capillary action. Plants watering demands drop a minimum of 50% when planted in self-watering pots as compared to the normal pots. Please refer to the graphic illustration above to better understand how self-watering pots help and benefit you and your plants in a much easier way than you aspect.

Product Details:

  • Pot Name: Tuka 8inch Hanging Planters
  • Package Available: Set of 3 (Green, White, and Brown as shown in the second image) ORDER YOUR CUSTOMIZED COLOUR PACKAGE (CLICK HERE)
  • Pot Type: Hanging Planter
  • Material: Fiber Plastic
  • Surface: Mate finish highly smooth
  • Material Density: Highly dense
  • Pot Placement: Indoor and outdoor both
  • Pot dimensions: L=20cm, B=20cm, H=12.5cm without hanging stick
  • Number of Drainage Holes: No need for drainage holes (Designed for self-watering mechanism) CAN BE USED WITHOUT THE BASE PLATE


  • Excessive watering may cause water clogging in the soil. In such cases, users are advised to remove the base reservoir plants thus allowing proper drainage of watering.
  • There should be proper drainage in the soil itself else it will cause root rot and the plant will eventually die. 
  • Proper cleaning of the base reservoir is recommended usually within 3-4weeks. 

8inch Self Watering Hanging Planter (Set of 3)


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