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Cocopeat is a multi-purpose natural antifungal organic soil prepared after drying and cutting with grinders of coconut husk. Cocopeat is best for your plant for water retention and aeration in the soil. It also helps in reducing dependence on chemical fertilizers in gardens or in plants. It can be directly mixed with soil to improve water retention and aeration avoiding any fungal activities. It well suits your for your plants in dry summer since it absorbs water and retains it. 

Product Details:

  • Available Package: 1kg and 5kg
  • Weight tolerance variation: (-+5%)

Instruction for Use:

  • Break the 5kg or 1kg cocopeat brick or amount of cocopeat as per your current need in a bucket half-filled with water let it absorb water for at least 20-30min. After absorption, you can see the bucket is full of Light cocopeat and the size of the cocopeat has increased 5-6times.
  •  Now you can use it in a 1:3 ratio of cocopeat and soil or use it directly in your plant’s pot. 

Application of Cocopeat:

  • Used in soil for antifungal, water retention, and aeration properties. 
  • Best used for Hydroponics Gardening. 
  • Best suits for indoor plants since it makes your soil light in weight and provides better nutrients than soil as well. 
  • Can also be used in garden sand for increasing its fertility and antifungal properties.

Cocopeat Block | Light Soil Media For Plants


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