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Peperomia is an indoor plant little like artistic plants, with smooth leaves that may heart-shaped or lance-shaped giving your room a blissful appearance.  Peperomia Plant sometimes is also known as baby rubber plant as it shares a similar leave structure than that to rubber plant. Peperomia Plant may act as a great replacement for a rubber tree if you have less space relative to the rubber plant.

Why peperomia Plant?

  • Peperomia leaves a blissful artistic view in the eyes of the person who watches it, giving your room or office a classy look.
  • Peperomia Plant is a great air-purifying plant.
  • Peperomia purifies air by reducing formaldehyde indoor by 47%. 

Product Details:

  • Plant Name: Green Peperomia Plant
  • Plant Type:  Foliage Succulent
  • Total Plant Height: (25cm) approx.
  • Plant Placement: Outdoor and Indoor (Bright light)
  • Planted Pots: 5inch Ronda Pot, (Customization available)
  • Pot Dimensions: L=12.5cm, B=12.5cm, H=12cm (5inch Ronda)

Caring Instructions:

  • Place the plant in moderate Sunlight window.
  • Water only when top soil layer soil becomes dry.
  • Don not over water the plant.
  • Use well drained soil, keep soil moist in the growing season.
  • Keep the plant in a cool environment for best growing experience. 


Green Peperomia Plant in 5inch Ronda Pot


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