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Bonsai Pots are shallow depth pots specially designed for growing Bonsai Plants. These pots are designed in such a way to help constrict the plant's roots and prevent it from growing too quickly. Bonsai Pots allow trees easier to maintain and enable you to stay on top of their growth.  These Pots are made from UV Treated Hard Plastic material, which makes them an ideal choice for your Bonsai Plant as they will survive even in harsh weather conditions.

Product Details:

  • Pot Name:  10inch Square Terracotta Bonsai Pot 
  • Package Available: Set of 6
  • Pot Type:  Bonsai Pot
  • Material: Plastic
  • Material Density: Medium dense
  • Pot Placement: Indoor and outdoor both
  • Pot dimensions: L=24cm, B=17cm, H=8cm (Refer Image)
  • Number of Drainage Holes: 2 holes (Mesh Drainage)

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Rectangular Bonsai Pot 10-inch Terracotta (Pack of 6)


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