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Saaf is a systemic and contact fungicide that is used to prevent Leaf Spot Blast disease and Rust disease in all vegetable plants. It is highly effective and helps protect the plant for a lengthy period of time. It is applied by mixing 1 gram of Saaf with 1 litre of water and spraying over the treated crops.

Package Available:

  • 20grams
  • 100grams

Key Features:

  • Saaf is a scientific combination of Mancozeb which is a contact fungicide of dithicarbamate group and carbendazim, a systemic fungicide of Benzimidazole carbamate group.
  • saaf effectively controls the fungal diseases by its systemic and contact action.
  • saaf helps in increasing the production of field crops and vegetables. saaf is a suitable fungicide for Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
  • saaf is compatible with commonly used insecticides and fungicides. It controls Brown leaf spot, Brown Spot, Alternaria leaf spot, Fruit spot, Early blight, Septoria leaf spot on all plants and crops

UPL Saaf Fungicide 20g


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